registered property valuers

Types of Valuations

Current Market Valuations

A current market valuation is usually conducted to assess the market value of a property. This type of valuation can be used for assessing the value of a property for sale or purchase.

Mortgage Valuations

A mortgage valuation is generally conducted to assess the current market value for finance and banking purposes and is used when you require finance from a lending institution for the purchase of a property.

Partnership Valuations

A partnership valuation is required for negotiating settlements of partnerships and is designed to reduce disputes between the relative parties.

Insurance Assessment Valuations

An insurance assessment valuation is used to assess the replacement cost of the subject property.

Proposed Development Valuations

A proposed development valuation is usually conducted to procure finance for a proposed development on an “as if” complete basis. This type of valuation can be used for gaining finance for new building or alterations – upgrading.

GST Valuations

GST valuations are usually conducted to provide a value for deregistering, registering and exemptions.

Rental Determination Valuations

Rental determination valuations are used to provide current market rental assessments for residential, commercial and industrial properties. These are used as a guide to set appropriate rental values for the property.

Feasibility Valuations

A feasibility valuation is an assessment to identify the opportunities and risks of a property development project and to gauge the viability of the development. This type of valuation can be used for determining the financial profitability of a project – such as a subdivision.